You're invited to join me for the launch & signing of my new book...
50 Powerful Lessons That Will Change Your Business...And Change Your Life

Thursday, March 14th

 Spurling Fitness
 1 Alewive Park Rd, Kennebunk, Maine 04043
The Book....
How do we become the best version of ourselves?

In this day and age, we crave instant gratification. We think there is a magic pill we can take for fast results, or that there must be a shortcut we’re missing in business or life.

But how is that working for you?

Life is not about the home runs. It's about showing up every single day and hitting singles.

That is 1% Better.

We’re not looking for the quick-fix. We’re waking up every single day aiming to be the best version of ourselves; aiming to be a little better than yesterday.

In this book, I’m going to share 50 of my top lessons including:

Your BIG 3 things you must get done to move your life and business forward every day

A step by step exercise to clear your head, get your thoughts organized, and create more "freedom" in your brain

The 5 S's For Sustainable Change & The 5 Pillars Of Productivity

Your 12 Week Year

And much, much, more! 

We must live the 1% Better motto.

Are You In? 

About Doug...
Doug Spurling is a husband, father, entrepreneur, and now, author. 

He lives in Southern Maine with his wife Megan and son Kaden. 

He owns and operates a community of businesses that include a fitness facility, where he leads a team that empowers and changes the lives of those intimidated by the typical gym; a coaching service, where he helps small business owners build more efficient and profitable businesses that make a bigger impact in their community through workshops, trainings, and coaching programs; a real estate company, that provides spaces for local businesses and residents; and a foundation, that gives back to the local community through charity drives, mentorships, mission trips, and volunteering.