Spend the day with some of the best New England Trainers, Business, and Coaching Experts So That You Can Work Less, Earn More & Change More Lives!
Learn how to get your clients better results and grow your business with talks on in-depth assessments, mindset training, nutrition, systemitizing your training programs, and how to grow a personal training business from zero to hundreds of clients. 
Spurling Spring Seminar
DATE: April, 14, 2018
The Spurling Spring Seminar is a powerful day of building your coaching and fitness career

You'll learn: 

How to start and/or build a successful personal training business.

How to effectively coach and implement nutrition into your clients program.

How to create a program design system so you don't have to write each program from scratch. 

How to handle the negative self-talk that your clients deal with (and you deal with too) on a daily basis

And much more! 
Join us in beautiful Kennebunk, Maine at one of the top fitness facilities in Northern New England! 
This event is solely dedicated to coaches, trainers, and therapists who want to dominate in their area, deliver the best results to their clients, build a unique culture so that they can profit more and create more freedom. 
Discover how Doug grew a personal training business from zero to over 300 clients. 

Learn strategies from Noah to efficiently assess and address a client’s general nervous system state and adaptability as it relates to their specific goals and endeavors.

Learn all things overhead from Tony and how to assess a client to create a safer and more effective routine

Discover how Trent seamlessly implements nutrition coaching into Spurling Fitness' programs to not only give clients better results but add more money to the bottom line. 
Meet the Presenters...
Tony Gentilcore

Improving Overhead Mobility in Today's Lifter

In this talk Tony will break down shoulder anatomy & assessment and how to address the common theme that plagues many lifters: lack of overhead mobility. Cat memes are a bonus.
Dr. Lisa Lewis

Dealing with Negative Self-Talk: How to Help Your clients (and Yourself)

The negative and critical statements that your clients say about themselves during training sessions is only a drop in the bucket of how much and how frequently they are making those statements to themselves. This negative self-talk can blind your clients to their own progress, sap their motivation, and drain you, as their coach. In this presentation, we review the nature of negative self-talk, how to know when your client is struggling with it, and what to do about it. Lessons learned from this presentation will help you to feel less burnt out and drained by negativity, and will help your clients to enjoy improved motivation, recognition of their achievements, and best of all, their workouts with you. 
Noah Harrison DPT, CMP

Tuning up and tuning down; coaching tension and relaxation in the rehabilitation and strength & conditioning settings

The quintessential characteristic of athleticism is the ever changing balance between tension and relaxation. What level of tension or relaxation is effective depends entirely on the specifics of any moment or situation, and requires intelligent coaching just as any other factor of movement. This presentation will provide strategies to efficiently assess and address three major physical modifiers to the nervous system, and give ways to integrate this with basic strength and conditioning.
Doug Spurling 

The Business of Fitness

In this presentation Doug will show how to build and grow a successful personal training business with lessons from buiding Spurling Fitness into a 300 client training gym. He'll cover areas including lead generation, brand development, marketing, finances, staffing, and building a strong culture. 
Josh Williams

Programming 2.0: How to streamline your clients programs with systems and templates to save you time, energy, and money

There is a common thought that structure is the death of creativity. This talk argues that structure is what gives you the freedom to be creative. Learn how to develop an outstanding program and coaching experience through a better understanding of movement and using a system to program. In this talk, you will gain a better understanding of programming for the general population, as well as how to quickly and efficiently make programs that will leave you with more time to do what you love.
Trent Dubois

How To Set Your Nutrition Coaching Apart: Implementing Nutrition Strategies With Your Client That Acutally Stick

Why are we still dealing with rising Obesity rates? With all the diet books out on the shelves, why aren't more people successfully losing weight and keeping it off? It must be something wrong with the diet. It must be something wrong with the person. They just need to have more willpower and just follow the meal plan that I wrote for them. Or are we approaching it completely wrong from the beginning? Trent will share the top 3 strategies he uses for nutrition coaching with Spurling Fitness' clients. 
Kim Lloyd

Coaching The Female Client: How to Empower Women & Get Them Bought into Strength Training

Most women understand the importance of strength training - intellectually. But there is a giant gap between helping women understand the benefits of strength training, and helping them buy into an activity that many women find intimidating. In her talk, Kim will discuss strategies to help female clients overcome the intimidation, fear, and misconception to help women not only become comfortable in the weight room, but feel empowered to strength train with confidence. 
The Presenters Have Been Featured On...
Just Read What Others Have Said...
“Doug Spurling is one of the savviest and most successful fitness business owners in our industry. If you’re willing to stop settling for ordinary and start pursuing extraordinary, Doug's business is a great example to learn from and Doug is an outstanding teacher to help you along the way.”

~Pat Rigsby
Check out What Ben Had To Say About Noah....
“He’s one of the smartest people I know and can break things down in ways that are easy for you to understand. Not only is Noah one of the best at what he does but he is also one of the most passionate.”

Ben Sawyer – Portland, Maine
And this is what people have said about Tony...

"Brain is full after today. Lots of stuff to play with. Tony is a great presenter and great to learn from." 

-Jason, Chicago, IL.

Wanting to be the best I learn from the best. Thanks to Tony Gentilcore for the great information" 

- Dan Swinscoe, Seattle, WA.

8:00-8:45am: Registration

8:45-9:00am: Opening Remarks

9:00-9:50am: Noah Harrison

10:00-10:50am: Trent Dubois

11:00-11:50: Dr. Lisa Lewis

12:00-1:00: Lunch (food truck on site and market with walking distance)

1:00-1:50pm: Kim Lloyd

2:00-2:50pm: Josh Williams

3:00-3:50pm: Tony Gentilcore

4:00-4:50pm: Doug Spurling

5:00-5:30pm: Speaker Q&A, Closing Remarks, and CEU Distribution

6:00pm: Join us after the seminar for an optional social at our local pub to network and eat good food :)
This event is Approved For .7 CEU's by the NSCA
Event Location

Spurling Fitness
1 Alewive Park Road
Kennebunk, ME 04043

*We're DIRECTLY off the Kennebunk exit of Interstate 95, only 30 minutes north of Portsmouth, NH, 30 minutes south of Portland, ME, and only 90 minutes north of Boston, MA. 
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The industry is changing at a rapid rate - if you’re not on top of it you’re going to left in the dust. 

Learn from industry experts about what's working with their clients and their businesses. 

If you even take ONE THING from this event and implement we can guarantee an instant return on investment. 

Plus, we want to make this event affordable for all fitness and rehab professionals.

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